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Navieve Fromagerie

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About Navieve

Celebrated novelist Howard Jacobson once wrote that “life without cheese is no life at all.” A bit over the top? Of course! But not far from the view we take here at Navieve. For as wonderful as life is, cheese makes it better. People have been crafting and enjoying cheese for at least 5000 years and the result is today more than 1,400 varieties of cheese produced worldwide. Over 600 varieties are produced right here in Wisconsin.


Our dream is to bring this wide and varied cheese world to Wausau and Marathon County. To sell quality small-batch, artisan cheeses from Wisconsin and around the world to our community here in Central Wisconsin. When you walk into Navieve, you will be transported to a small village in southern France. Imagine coolers in the store filled to overflowing with cheeses that you've never heard about, much less seen or tasted: Mozzarella di Bufala, Gjetost, Falltum, Pleasant Ridge, more than a dozen blues plus 

many more of every smell, texture, and taste.


Nor will this be solely a sight for the eyes and an aromatic feast for the nose. You won't 

leave before you've had a taste. It might be an award-winning Evalon from La Clare Farms or Manchego Reserve from Hidden Springs Creamery. Maybe something from France, Italy, Ireland, or Spain; cow, goat, sheep; raw, cooked, pressed, washed rind, bloomy rind, thirty days to 10 years old; the list is endless. Not only will you leave the store with a bit more knowledge about cheese than when you entered, but you will take home this taste sensation with you!

We often get asked "why cheese?" Because we love it and it is a part of us.


Navieve is a family-run shop. You will often find our six little ones about the shop during business hours. Throughout the shop are small touches that remind us of our family. Navieve is a combination of our daughters' names, Naomi & Genevieve (Fromagerie is the from the French fromage). In addition to this, our sons' birth dates are stamped on the cheese boxes when you enter the shop. Even the pictures you see on the wall when you enter are photographs of our family's farming and cheesemaking history.


The idea for the shop all started when we moved back to Central Wisconsin 5 years ago. It was really hard to find all the great cheeses we had come to love while living in the Green Bay area. We would stock up on cheese when we visited friends and family in Green Bay or Madison but it just wasn't the same as making the weekly visits to our cheesemonger.


Having always wanted to open and own and operate a business, we jumped in. After a lot of research, long hours spent painting and prepping the storefront, and sleepless nights spent thinking about how to narrow down our cheese selection, we opened Navieve Fromagerie on October 5, 2015. Our lives were forever changed that first day. Not only did we become small business owners but we began making countless new friends that share our passion and love for great cheese.



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