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Welcome to all things cheese!

Cheesy Musings

Cheese Madness: Soft Cheese Lineup

On Saturday, March 18th Taleggio will go head to head with Humboldt Fog and Petit Nuage will take on Crottin de Champcol. Join us on Saturday to sampl…

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Cheese Madness: Blue Cheese Lineup

On Friday, March 17th Cambozola will go head to head with Blu di Bufala and Billy Blue will take on Ewe Calf to be KIDding. Join us on Friday to sampl…

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March Madness: Cheese Edition

Join us this month for our version of March Madness.  Fill out your bracket (one entry per person) and turn it in by Friday, March 17th for your chanc…

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Quail Egg Pizza

We love pizza in our family. Most of us like something a bit more traditional and a few like to experiment with new tops and flavor combinations. That…

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How To: California Sevillano Olive Oil

This Spanish varietal thrives in sunny California’s central valley and creates the most buttery, smooth extra virgin olive oil available. The Sevillan…

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How To: Serrano Honey Vinegar

Looking for more ways to use that ingredient you picked up at Navieve Fromagerie? Our new blog series "How To" will give you additional ideas. Feel fr…

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The Tomatillo Chix

During summer we can't help the urge to grill everything (and we mean everything!). Meat, veggies, pizza, bread, you name it, we are grilling it....ev…

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School Lunch Round Up

With back to school comes every parents dilemma...what do you pack for lunch? Well, we've rounded up some ideas from around the web that we think are …

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Work continues...

Work continues on the shop....

•    The new tin ceiling and most of the lighting work is scheduled to be completed on Wednesday, September 16th…

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Menu Testing: Dessert Edition

We've decided to feature a small menu in addition to our selection of cheeses. 

Our menu will focus on as much local produce as we ​can and will v…

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Kid Ratings

As we write about cheese varities on our blog we will try and provide our kids feedback for you as often as possible.

They will rate the cheese one to five stars, with one star meaning "eh, it is alright" and five starts meaning "bring me more!" 

The idea behind this is to give you an honest opinion of the cheese so that you can judge which cheese to introduce the picky pallets in your life to first.

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