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Italico (BelGioioso)

 This small batch cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk and is aged 90 days right here in Wisconsin by BelGioioso. It is during this time that each piece is hand washed with salt and water which gives it a beautiful rose colored rind. We sampled this earthy wedge the other night with red wine for the adults and Jazz apples (a sweet but crunchy red skinned variety) for the kids. After sampling, we melted some over our pasta with andouille, onions, and garlic for dinner. This little unassuming cheese stood up well to those stronger flavors and imparted creaminess to the dish.

Kid Rating  Melt-able cheese is great for grilled cheese, pasta sauces, or to top soup with. Stinkiness level according to the kids was low. The rind does impart a slightly strong, earthy smell than some kids may not be familiar with but Italico makes a nice introduction to non-cheddar cheese for kids.

Check out BelGioioso's page for more recipe ideas for this little guy.

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